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Epirus is located in the north-west part of Greece, between the mountain range of Pindos and the Ionian sea and combines impressive mountainous and charming seaside scenery. The entire area is run by mountains and rivers which are traversed by wonderful arched bridges.

Fertile plains and valleys interrupt the mountain ranges from north to south. The climate of the coastline is moderate, while in the interior it is harsh, with heavy winters, frequent frost and abounding rain and storms.

Around 350,000 people live in Epirus. According to the 2001 census, it has the lowest population of the 13 regions of Greece. This is partly due to the impact of repeated wars in the 20th century as well as mass emigration due to adverse economic conditions.

The capital and largest city of the region is Ioannina, where nearly a third of the population lives. The great majority of the population are Greeks, including Aromanians and Arvanites.

Epirus is internationally considered as an ideal place for all kinds of alternative tourism. Its untouched mountainous mass of Pindos with its great virgin forests, the mountain lakes (drakolimnes – dragon lakes) and the untamed slopes provide for a plethora of activities (mountaineering, climbing, ski, hiking, mountain biking etc.) in a scenery of singular beauty, as well as the rivers of Epirus which offer other activities such as kayak, rafting, canoeing etc.

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