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The Stairs of Vradeto

The famous Stairs of Vradeto that connected the village Vradeto with Kapesovo and the rest of the world until the 70s is now a great hiking trail with its total length reaching 1200 meters.

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Vradeto is the highest village in Zagoria (1,340 meters) 49 km away from Ioannina and one of the oldest, as evidence for its existence is starting from 1616.

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Ancient Settlement of Vrahonas

The abandoned traditional settlement of Vrahonas is located on a hill of the village of Sivota and consists of about 50 ruined houses.

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Tsepelovo is located 50km away from Ioannina and is built at an altitude of 1,080 m. on the southern slopes of Mount Tymfi or else known as Gamila (2497 m.).

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The word is Greek and it means bridge made by God. The rapids of the river Kalamas together with nature and time pierced the rock and opened a passageway which through the years took the shape of a bridge.

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Kastania (old Kastaniani) is a mountainous village that belongs to the municipality of Konitsa in Ioannina prefecture. It is located at an altitude of 850-950 m. on the slopes of Mount Gyftissa.

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Laista – A beautiful remote village

Laista is the third largest village in the municipality of Tymfi. Located 80 km from Ioannina, at an altitude of 1020m on the slopes of the hill Kleftis, it is the most remote village.

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