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Laista is the third largest village in the municipality of Tymfi. Located 80 km from Ioannina, at an altitude of 1020m on the slopes of the hill Kleftis, it is the most remote village. During the 18th and 19th century Laista was the only town of Zagoria, with about 3000 inhabitants, but it was inglorious as it was destroyed by the occupying German army during the cleansing operations of 1943-44.

Currently it has about 127 residents.

History and Information

There have been several opinions during the last decades about the origin of its name. The word Laista is derived from the words: lai-sta and means: blackish sit (the sites). The word lai is purely Aromanian (Latin-origin Vlach dialect), while the word sta (sitting) is derived from the ancient Greek verb stand (stand).

Those that stay in the village during the winter will have noticed that, when it starts to snow, the sites around the village are the first to be whitewashed and then follows the village. The residents of Laista, who among other things were occupied with farming, naturally noticed that this part does not hold snow, as the surrounding areas, and thus the place was related to the identification of areas where they could graze animals in the winter.

The selection of the site for the installation and moving of the residents of neighbouring settlements, which were dissolved, is not random after all. Laista is a beautiful village with a stunning view that really captivates you. One’s eye travels over the top of the trees to the Alpine figure of the famous “Red Korfi” of Tymfi or “Tsuka Rossa ‘in Vlach.

A village of unparalleled beauty

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  • Paul July 5, 2018 at 3:29 pm

    My grandfather, George Lambrakis, was from this village. His father was a priest there, who went by the name Papaeconomos. I’d love to visit someday!

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