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Drosopigi (old Kantsiko) is a beautiful village located in the northeastern part of the prefecture of Epirus at an altitude of about 1050m. It is built in a rich natural environment surrounded by the mountain tops of Pindos and the forests changing colors every season delighting the senses.

History and Information

It is one of the villages that belong to Mastorochoria and one of the best preserved. The stone houses with the paved roofs or tiled roofs, the streets, the square which is of the most beautiful squares of Mastorochoria, the church of Agia Paraskevi (1930) and the stone school (1927) are examples of the local architecture.

Residents were builders but also excelled in viticulture and the art of barrel. Craftsmen from Kantsa worked throughout the Greek territory and abroad (Iran, Sudan, USA).

In the center of the square there is a huge tree with 6m perimeter which during the civil war suffered a shrapnel but survived and eventually stands up till today.

At a short distance from the square stands the beautiful and imposing church of Agia Paraskevi which was built by craftsmen from Kantsa in 1930.

View towards Sarantaporos

The Sarantaporos is a river in northwestern Greece and southern Albania. It is a right tributary of the river Aoös, which flows into the Adriatic Sea. Its length is 50 km, of which the final approx. 10 km form the border between Greece and Albania.

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