Monastery of Panagia Spiliotisa
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Monastery of Panagia Spiliotisa

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The monastery of Panagia Spiliotissa was built on a rock on the left bank of Voidomatis river in 1665, by the monks Ioakim and Sofronios.

The foundation of the monastery building is a unique technique, with a wide variety of architectural applications by the masters of the time.

History and Information

The monastery is also accessible from the village Ag. Minas (eg 1 km) and from the old bridge of Kleidonia, but with a more difficult and farther hiking. It is also preserved from the village of Aristi. Because of the lack of space it is built on different levels connected with acres stone stairs. In the Catholic there are two architectural styles: a single-room basilica with a dome on the east and a cross-shaped temple (with a cross-shaped roof) to the west. There are other rooms, basements and crypts, one of which goes out into the river.

The whole building is in perfect harmony with the surrounding area and some of the cells and auxiliary spaces are built in such a way that they incorporate parts of the rock. It is built at a strategic point for the region and during the Ottoman domination many residents, when they were at risk from the Turks, found shelter in it. The monastery, at that time, had considerable fortunes and maintained several of the schools in the surrounding villages. The fortress of the monastery was expropriated by the Turks and shortly before liberation it was plundered by the Turk-Albanians. The earthquake of 1897 completed the destruction. The monastery is now closed, but it is kept in a very good condition.

The monastery of Spiliotissa has been declared a historic monument.

Do not miss the climb in the steep but distinct small path leading to the bell tower. From there the view of the plantain, Astraka and the river is fantastic.

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