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Pournia (Staritsianni)

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The village is built in a beautiful location with lots of water. It is surrounded by high mountains with forests filled with pines, spruces, bushes and at a higher altitude pine, beech, chestnut.

History and Information

Previously there were three settlements there, Staritsa, Selo, and Anargiroi.

The village took its name from the first settlement because of the wheat fields spread out around it. In 1928 it was renamed Pournia because it was considered that the word Staritsiani was foreign and mainly Slavic – (Staritsiani from Staristan that means old village).

It is not known when Pournia was founded for the first time. But no one doubts that it is the offspring of another village called “Trapia” (from the word atrapos). This was built on the site of today’s Trapia.

The residents believe that current Pourniotes are descendants of Aryan people. Trapia was one of the largest villages in that period, with 300 families and 1,200 residents, who were engaged in farming and building. But the plague (14th-16th century) forced them to move so the village deserted.

During the Turkish occupation it seems that it was a large village in Kaza (Vilayet, Province) of Konitsa with cobbled streets and 552 inhabitants according to the Ottoman Statistics 1895 reports.

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