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Pyrsogianni is one of the most important villages of the Municipality of Konitsa and in the past (before the application of an administrative division program of Greece in 2011) it was the capital of Mastorochoria Municipality.

It is 30 km away from Konitsa and it is built at the foot of Grammos at an altitude of 840 m., with a population of about 100 residents.

History and Information

The first image a visitor sees is the dominance of the stone. It is the homeland of folk craftsmen who originally worked in Greece and later around the world by building houses, bridges, churches, lighthouses, mosques, monasteries and cobbled streets. They were organized in crowds and in order to consult one another they used a sign language called “koudaritika” or “mastorika”.

There is also a museum (Museum of Epirus Craft) housed in the old school of the village that is dedicated to the art. This process lasted over 400 years. In the square Coca – Karya, buildings located there began to be built in 1750 and are rich in inscriptions and reliefs performances.

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