Ano Pedina
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Ano Pedina

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The village Ano Pedina is located in the heart of Central Zagori on the southwestern slopes of Tymfi. It is built at 960 meters on a small plateau, at the north of Mitsikeli.

The history of Ano Pedina

Originally the village was named Ano Soudena. In 1928 it was renamed to Ano Kampos. But a year later in 1929 it got its present name Ano Pedina. The name “Soudena” is derived from the Slavic Studend which means cold. It is also derived from Stountena -stdena-Zdena, a false etymology from the word Souda.

The village is known since 1361 and it is mentioned in the bull of Serbian ruler Simeon. Simeon recognised to John Tsafas Oursinis the possession of extensive areas in Epirus. However, it is unknown when it was originally built.

The teacher of the Nation and national benefactor Neophytos Doukas (1760-1845) was one of the people who came from Ano Pedina. He was a clergyman and scholar as well as director of the Bucharest School and first director of Rizarios School. Also, John Lampridis (1839-1891), philosopher, donor in Athens University and scholar of Epirus culture came from the village.

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