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Fragades is a village of the prefecture of Ioannina in the municipality of Tymphi, one of the oldest Zagorohoria. It is located on the southern slopes of Tymfi, 50 kilometers northeast of Ioannina, built at an altitude of 960 meters, surrounded by dense forests and spectacular views of eastern Zagori. The population of the village according to the 2001 census is 105 residents, who mainly deal with Livestock farming and mostly with logging.

In the 1903 census, Fragades numbered about 900 residents, including about 130 mansions built with stone by the famous builders of Epirus.

History and Information

 The settlement has very deep roots, as it is mentioned in notes of the Monastery of Voutsas Grevenitos, and the tradition says it was founded in 672 by the Byzantine Emperor Konstantinos Pogonatos.

Its name according to the tradition is after someone named Antonios Frangos who on 23 December 1384 killed the Serbian ruler of Ioannina Thomas Preloubovic.

In the following years the village’s history followed that of the wider region of Zagori. When the Turks conquered Ioannina, they declared a voluntary allegiance (9/10/1431), along with other Zagorohoria, promising to send money and soldiers (Voinikos) every year to the city. Of course not without consideration. On the contrary. With the signing of the special treaty of voluntary allegiance, known as “Definition of Sinan Pasha” or “Treaty of Voinikos”, they secured the very important privileges granted by the Turks as a reward, such as independence, autonomy, freedom of religion, tax exemption, school buildings, preservation of assets, etc., which the inhabitants preferred because of the destruction of their village, which would have happened if they had not been subjected to submission. The village was liberated by the Turks on 12 February 1913.
The village was burned during the Second World War but its inhabitants rebuilt it.

The unique architecture of the stone houses blends harmoniously with the lush wild and virgin natural landscape. The colors of nature change according to the season, but they are equally magical, in the winter and in the summer. Fragades is a declared traditional settlement.

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