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Gyftokampos is a mountainous location in Tymfi at an altitude of 1100-1200 m. and is administratively falling under Skamneli in the of Municipality of Zagori. Although it is uninhabited, it is known for its Sarakatsaniki Stamna, a unique open museum of folklore.

The road leads to 3 of the most remote villages of North Pindos, Vrisochori, Iliochori and Laista. | The Gorilla Media | The Gorilla Media

Double click on the images below to get a better sense of the village in full screen.

Click on the images below to get a better sense of the location in full screen.


Useful phone numbers:

Police: 100
Tourist Police (EOT Information): 171
Fire Service: 199

In the area they have discovered traces of human settlement since prehistoric times. The latest centuries there was no permanent settlement and it was only seasonally inhabited by cattlemen in the summers – something that has just ended in the ’50s.

Local legend tells that during the Turkish occupation there was found a corpse, that of a murdered gypsy peddler. Since they couldn’t find the perpetrator, the residents should be punished with a special tax – but the area was deserted and did not belong to any of the nearby villages. Smartly thinking, the people of Skamneli village quickly collected the tax and paid it to the Ottoman authorities. So Gyftokampos received not only its current name, but it was also given to Skamneli.

In the area of ​​Gyftokampos you can find the now deserted settlement of the Forestry of Ioannina. This settlement must have been create some time in the mid of 1970 to 1980. Also, for about twenty years, from March to April, it became the property of several dozen employees each year that were employed in projects in the region.

The employees gave life in the region and in the neighboring villages with their presence. About two decades ago the settlement was emptied after the plans of the then government wanted these works to be given to individuals. Therefore, such services were devastated while their employees changed employment sectors. The saddest part is that the accommodation in Gyftokampos could have been utilised but it was left to ravage.


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