Sarakatsanikes Stanes
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Sarakatsanikes Stanes

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Sarakatsanikes Stanes are created almost next to the road connecting Skamneli with LaistaIliochori-Vrisochori and it is a faithful representation of Sarakatsani seasonal settlement. It covers a total area of ​​16 acres and it includes real size “lodgings” (thatched cabins used as houses xor workshops), the “ovoros” and “greki” (animal kennels).

Depending on its use, each lodging is equipped with the corresponding objects of everyday life, from bedding to cookware, loom and cheese tools.

The installation of Sarakatsanikes Stanes can be visited for free throughout the year, but due to the location and nature, it is difficult to navigate it when it has snowed. Its creator and maintainer is the Brotherhood of Sarakatsanaioi of Epirus, which is operating a traditional tavern in the area, and every year organizes a nationwide meeting of the members with events and outdoor camp in early August.

It offers good food in restaurants and taverns and accommodation in beautiful hotels and guesthouses.


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