The stairs of Vradeto
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The Stairs of Vradeto

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The Stairs of Vradeto

The famous Stairs of Vradeto that connected the village Vradeto with Kapesovo and the rest of the world until the 70s is now a great hiking trail with its total length reaching 1200 meters.

A stone construction with use of “indigenous” stone with which renowned craftsmen built and linked the two villages! It was the entry to and exit of Vradeto since the current road was opened in the 1970s following pressure from some high rank at the time of military of Vradeto.

In the region of Zagoria there are three other similar stairs, to the Stairs of Vradeto, however, this is considered the most beautiful of all. Built in the gorge Mezaria it was the only passage that connected the mountain village of Kapesovo and the world, until 1973 the motorway was built.

It is a remarkably thoughtful work that is said it took 20 years to build (it is dating in the early 18th century.). Three lanes, one for animals with black stones and two for people with white ones, measured width calculated exactly so that the animals are able to swivel with their bulky cargo and more than 1,000 cobblestone stairs smoothly covering an altitude difference of 250 m.

The total distance between Vradeto and Kapesovo, near where the stairs lead is approximately 3.5 km. If you want to avoid the steep ascent, you can reach Vradeto using the main road (asphalt) and then just follow the stairs descending. Keep in mind that you will need about an hour downhill and 90 minutes to climb.

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