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Tsepelovo is located 50km away from Ioannina and it is built at an altitude of 1,080 m. on the southern slopes of Mount Tymfi or else known as Gamila (2497 m.). The first image of the village that a visitor sees coming from Ioannina is striking, with the snowy peak of Tsuka Rossa on the top.

History and Information

With 260 permanent residents Tsepelovo is considered to be crowded compared to other villages of Zagori. In the past, the municipality of Tymfi had its base here, housed in a traditional building in the central square.

As the administrative center of Zagori from the 18th century, Tsepelovo flourished during the Ottoman years particularly due to the timber trade. In 1700 they opened the first school of the village.

Tsepelovo is the birthplace of Constantinos Rados. He who was initiator of the Society of Friends (Filiki Eteria) founding idea. It is also the birthplace of national benefactors Anastasios Tsouflis, John Dumas and George Bikas. Moreover, it is the birthplace of Dimitrios and Marika Kotopouli.

It has been characterized as a traditional settlement. Today it is a popular tourist destination and a favorite village among naturalists and walkers. Mountains, canyons, alpine lakes, rare vegetation and animal shelters characterize the natural environment of the village. Tsepelovo has a significantly developed tourist infrastructure with many options and choices in accommodation, food and entertainment.

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