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Theogefyro – A spectacular destination

Theogefyro was one of the most beautiful and most impressive monuments of nature. It was located in the prefecture of Ioannina, near the village of Lithino.

Unfortunately, it no longer exists because strong rainfall resulted in its collapse.

Nature creates but sometimes Nature destroys.

About Theogefyro

In the Second World War, the Italian planes bombed two bridges in the area. One of them was in the village of Sοulopoulo and the other in Theogefyro. The first was destroyed, but the second was saved because of its position.

The word “Theogefyro” is Greek and it means bridge made by God. The rapids of the river Kalamas together with nature and time pierced the rock and opened a passageway. This passageway took the shape of the bridge through the years. Since most physical events were interpreted as a result of divine intervention the natural bridge was named Theogefyro. Therefore, the traditions and legends could not be missing as for anything that was difficult to interpret divine intervention created ways of saving people.

Theogefyro was located near the village Lithino in a fantastic location. More specifically, going down a path through dense vegetation, you arrived at the bridge. The hum of impetuous waters and the scenery was spectacular. Many people have previously described the unique beauty of Theogefyro.

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