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Kapesovo – In a beautiful landscape with rocky volumes

Kapesovo is 43 km away from Ioannina and it is located in a panoramic position at the foot of Garditsa and the edge of the gorge of Mezaria at 1,100 meters altitude, in a mountainous landscape with rocky volumes dominating around it. It has a few inhabitants and it stands out for its wonderful Epirus architecture.

About the village

According to the blogspot Ellinika Xwria, outside the village there are traces of ancient wall discovered, which bears witness to its history. Also, in the center of the village there is one of the most interesting monuments of Zagori. It is the church of St. Nicholas which was build in 1793. Its unique murals inside it were made by famous painters from Kapesovo with clear western influences.

Furthermore, these artists painted countless temples or icons and gild many temples in northern Greece. They were educated professional painters with an absolute division of labor.

What’s more, three artistic families were active until the early 19th century when the Mpogas name appeared for Kapesovo painters because of the paint they used.

Moreover, Kapesovo is the homeland of Noutsos Alexis (General Provost of Zagoria and Ioannina, consultant of Ali Pasha and member of the Friendly Society). It is also the homeland of Ioannoutsos Karamesinis (provost of Zagoria who also had power and influence in Turks and Christians).

Today the residents are involved in the production of traditional products such as honey, dairy products, derivatives of the grape as must cookies, zmpeki (nut to rope with jelly), liqueurs, spoon sweets, spices etc.

Finally, in recent years, many inhabitants work in tourism and have created several traditional accommodation units as well as shops with food.

What to see

One can see the mansions including the Paschaleios School with its rare books and folklore museum (among the exhibits there is also one of the few – three or according to some others four – original copies of the Charter of Rigas Belestinli).

Η Πασχάλειος Σχολή
Paschaleios school in Kapesovo

The village is a short distance from Vikos Gorge. In some parts in Kapesovo, the view towards the gorge is panoramic. Also, what is remarkable is the stone path that connects Kapesovo with the neighboring Vradeto (The Stairs of Vradeto).

Kapesovo is a beautiful and traditional village that can be the base for your excursions in the area of Zagorochoria.

Details of a door in Kapesovo
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