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Vradeto is the highest village in Zagoria (1,340 meters) 49 km away from Ioannina and one of the oldest, as evidence for its existence is starting from 1616. According to many people Vradeto is considered the “balcony” of Zagori, because of the altitude and having endless views in all directions.

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Useful phone numbers:

Police: 100
Tourist Police (EOT Information): 171
Fire Service: 199


Also known to everyone are the caves of Vradeto region and more these of Zagori. Some of the deepest caves in the country and Europe are territorial possession of the village. The Spera, the hole of Skala, the Nun, the Repetina the Gkailotrypa, the hole in Kornisia the snowpit are some of the famous caves that attract hundreds of enthusiasts of speleology within and outside our borders.

There are of course the caves of the Bride in Zagori, Chasma tou Epous 1, Chasma tou Epous 2, the hole of Odysseus, the Ewe and many other all explored in many missions, the last being the speleological group SELAS whose members reside in Dilofo of Central Zagori.

Vradeto is located on a rock having on its three sides the Vikos Gorge and its back the slope of the mountain range of Tymfi. At the highest point of the village one can find the square with the big stone church of the Birth of the Virgin (1799).

Half hour northwest of the village is the famous Beloi from where the spectacular view of the Vikos Gorge is breath taking. Its inhabitants consisted of indigenous Zagorians and then in 1930 the Sarakatsans or Skinited as they called them entered it. The mix was “inevitable” and so Zagorians and Sarakatsans were living and eating at the same place.

Many sites in the village and particularly in its geographic region are reported for their beauty and have made the village known across the globe.

The Stairs of Vradeto have great traffic. The famous path on the north side of Mezaria is separating Vradeto from Kapesovo. A stone construction with use of “indigenous” stone with which renowned craftsmen built and linked the two villages! It was the entry to and exit of Vradeto since the current road was opened in the 1970s following pressure from some high rank for the time military of Vradeto.

Beloi, a site on the edge of the Vikos Gorge (the name probably came from a Slavic word meaning good view or balcony), is visited every year by thousands of tourists from around the world because at their feet the whole Vikos is waiting to hear their voice as they hear the echo again and again and again and again and again.

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