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Monastiri (Botsifari)

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Monastiri is a small picturesque village about 20 km. away from Konitsa. Until recently it was a settlement of Molista. It is built on the western slopes of Smolikas and below from the top Kleftis. The old name was Botsifari.

Together with two other nearby villages Molista and Ganadio, it is one of the three labeled “Stone Villages“.

History and Information

The residents of the village were masons for the most part, the famous stone craftsmen and merchants, who arrived as immigrants until Wallachia, Romania and Egypt or elsewhere. Seasonal farm work was primarily dealt by the female population. The village in the census of 2001 had 53 inhabitants.

In the village is the monastery of Virgin Mary with a history of several centuries, without monks anymore but with enough artifacts and unique architecture. On August 6th there is a traditional feast held.

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