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Driving on the highway from Konitsa to Kastoria at 23 km. you turn right and after 5 km. of a wonderful path in pine forest you will find one the three labeled “Stone Village” called Ganadio. (The other two are Molista and Monastiri).

It is located on the outskirts of Smolikas and it combines natural beauty with traditional architecture and a monument of the continental tradition. The village has been declared a traditional settlement since 1979 and has preserved almost intact its architectural wealth. The mansions show the economic prosperity of the region. The “crowds” of craftsmen of Ganadio in Greece and abroad as well as commercial activities of many immigrants from the Balkans brought money to the village.

History and Information

The stone houses of the village are small forts, some even have loopholes. In the 19th century, the village became target for the thieves for consecutive times. Even the women had learned to handle weapons to protect their property alongside men.

The architecture of the houses is very interesting. That is because the design and size determines the social stratification of the people . The houses, built in “Π” shape, belonged to the rulers, those that had “Γ” meant belonged to the middle class and simple squares were those of the poor. The colors on the windows, doors and inside the houses are ocher, dark green and burgundy.

During 1950 till 1960 the “devastation” of the site took place. Its inhabitants fled in search of a better luck in big cities or close to their relatives, who had earlier emigrated to America, Australia, Romania and Egypt with their thought always in the village.


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