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Agia Paraskevi – On the northwestern slopes of Smolikas

Agia Paraskevi (Kerasovo)

The village is located approximately 28 km. away from Konitsa. It is built on the northwest slopes of Smolikas and until 1953 it was called Kerasovo. The village is situated at an altitude of 1.046m. beside the tributary of Sarantaporos, Vourkopotamos.

It is a beautiful village with natural beauty. The large square is surrounded by the stone houses of the village and is covered by a large tree.

It has a rich cultural tradition and there many events organised especially in summer by the Associations of the village. On July 25 to 26 the big festival of Agia Paraskevi takes place.

  1. Congrats on your great website, I am looking for the history of this monastery and how it got the name of Agia Paraskevi, there are very few infos on the web.

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