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Monodendri, built at an altitude of 1100m, is a beautiful and representative Zagorohori with its residential complex following the characteristic traditional architecture.

The village was built around 1360 AD. In 1965, between Vitsa and Monodendri, the most ancient settlement of Epirus was discovered with 2 cemeteries. The findings are exhibited at the Archaeological Museum of Ioannina.

History and Information

It met great economic and commercial acne in the 18th and 19th centuries and many churches, schools and mansions were built by its benefactors.

Many national benefactors came from Monodendri: the brothers Manthos and Georgios Rizaris, who distributed their unrivaled property they acquired in Russia for the establishment of an institution and through it the creation in 1844 of the homonymous historical Ecclesiastical School in Athens.

Thanks to the money from the Rizari brothers’ legacy, there is a craft school functioning today where you can see or buy beautiful woven and embroidery works today. In Monodendri there is also the Rizarios Exhibition Center, which hosts remarkable international art exhibitions such as Bresson, Boissonas and others. Today, at the Rizari Brothers’ home, the Primary School is housed.

From Monodendri also came the “father of Greek agriculture” Spyros Hassiotis, the first mayor of Athens Ioannis Koniaris, the founder of pediatric science in our country Anastasios Zinnis, the great Hellenist Dimitrios Semitelos and other eminent men.

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