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Κοκκινοπηλός Πρεβεζας

Kokkinopilos, Preveza: A unique geological phenomenon

The area of Kokkinopilos is a group of hills (height 100-150m) of geological and archaeological interest. It is located in the municipal district of Agios Georgios and Rizovouni of Preveza (it is on the border of the two villages), approximately 10 km from Philippiada of Preveza.

About Kokkinopilos

You can visit the area from two places:

From the side of national road of Preveza-Ioannina, where you park near the village of Agios Georgios and walk for about 500 meters until you arrive.

From the provincial road Limni Zirou – Rizovouni – Stefani, where you leave your car at the point where there is a sign “to Kokkinopilos”, you walk through the forest for about 1.5 km and you will find the hills of Kokkinopilos.

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