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Baros Pass – An impressive route

Baros pass

When you are in Tzoumerka and have passed the mountainous Matsouki, you reach the famous Baros Pass, where the two large mountains of Pindos, Lakmos (Peristeri) and Kakarditsa, seem to merge as they meet at an altitude of 1905 meters.

The Baros Pass is one of the three accessible mountain passes from Epirus to Thessaly. Until 1912, it marked the Greek-Turkish border. This mountainous passage was known for centuries to the caravans that transported people and goods, as well as to the shepherds of Pindos who would bring their flocks from the winter pastures of Thessaly to the alpine meadows of Pindos every summer for free grazing.

Additionally, it was a strategic point, essential for the movement of the army between Epirus and Thessaly. At that time, the villages in the area were vibrant. However, later, the Civil War and new living conditions led to the area being deserted, and the Baros Pass fell into disuse and was forgotten.

Το πέρασμα του Μπάρου
Baros Pass

For many years, road opening and asphalting works were carried out, and in 2014, the last section was paved. The route from the Baros Pass to the villages of Aspropotamos is one of the most beautiful. A stop at the high point allows the eye to travel to the peaks of Lakmos. The peaks of Bourdougani and Botai attract attention, and to the right, the summit of Tsiouma Plastari, part of the Kakarditsa massif, descends into the Negri stream, which flows into Aspropotamos.

Starting from the high point and descending, you pass through the impressive alpine and subalpine zone with rocky formations that serve as a refuge for many bird species. At the lower elevation of the route begins a forest of firs, black pines, and beeches, and further down, there are dense oak forests. In the streams, with the main one being the Negri stream, forests of various broadleaves and a few large Rombola pines prevail.

Before exiting to the main road artery of the Aspropotamos area, you will find the monastery of Panagia Galaktotrofousa, founded in 1799, and the two-arched stone bridge of Michos.

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